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By paying gratuity to your service provider by cash you’re helping them keep the fair share that you intended them to have without paying credit card processing fees to banks. Thank you for your understanding.

Appointment Related Policies

We are grateful that many of our guests respect our time and opportunity to provide a great service. We collect payment information upfront to reserve an appointment as security. Not to worry, we will not charge it unless appointment is cancelled late or missed altogether.

Late Arrival

We provide 10 minute grace period for those times when you are running unexpectedly late. If you arrive past our grace period, though we don’t guarantee, we will try to accommodate you depending on how our schedule looks. Otherwise, we will try to reschedule appointment to next available time that works for you.

Late Cancellation

We kindly ask that you let us know and get confirmation of cancellation at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time so that we can reschedule you to another time and accommodate another guest. In the event that appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours (during business days) prior to appointment time, we will charge 80% of the full price of scheduled services, and 100% of the promotional price of the scheduled services.

Missed Appointment

For all missed appointments we will charge the full price of scheduled services.

Promotional Offers

Unless explicitly stated, all of our promotional offers are only for first time guests. Offers from multiple marketing venues (Facebook, Yelp, our website, etc.) cannot be combined or used in subsequent manner. Any exception to this policy must be presented in explicit written consent from manager.

Service and Product Sale


We strive to provide excellent quality service that is to complete satisfaction of our guests, and many times exceeds expectations. But we understand that at times, outcome is hard to predict and may not meet the high standards of quality service we are known to deliver. In such cases we ask that you contact and see us within 72 hours of receiving the service so that we can have our staff understand your needs and redo your service to achieve satisfactory results. Thus, we do not offer refunds without exploring all options among our team and within our professional network.

Open Balance or Remedy

All transactions must be concluded before leaving the premise. In the event that you’re not satisfied with the service, a mutual agreement must be reached in writing. Please note, any remaining balance will be subject to $10 penalty fee unless agreed upon with management staff with explicit written proof.

Series and Package Purchase

All series and packages not completed in entirety will be refunded after subtracting full price of individual services received thus far.


We always offer complimentary consultation for our services. In fact, we recommend you do a consultation before scheduling your service so you are better prepared and have had a chance to meet your stylist or esthetician, along with friendly introduction with our staff. But in the event, that you do schedule an appointment without consultation and decide not to pursue the service at the time, we will charge you a consultation fee. It will vary based on the time, type of service and service provider you were scheduled to get the service with. We assure you that we keep the fees to minimal as much as possible, it’s to justify the time and opportunity we lost.

Effective as of: 11:59 PM June 26, 2015

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