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Hair Color

Your hair care service will begin with a warm greeting and consultation with our expert colorist. Your colorist will guide you to make the best choice for your needs, so color formulation, timing and process is suited uniquely to your needs!

Our hair care (shampoo, color, styling) services are delivered with utmost care and professionalism catering to your individual needs. All products we use are parabens free and 99% naturally derived. Every service ends with a blow dry that will make your new look shine.

Note: All color services include light blowdry, additional charges for signature blowdry upgrade. While standard pricing applies to most services, in some cases it may be determined based upon hair length, texture/thickness, extensions, product and time required to complete your service.

We always offer complimentary consultation for our services. In fact, we recommend you do a consultation before scheduling your service so you are better prepared and have had a chance to meet your stylist or esthetician, along with friendly introduction with our staff. But in the event, that you do schedule an appointment without consultation and decide not to pursue the service at the time, we will charge you a consultation fee. It will vary based on the time, type of service and service provider you were scheduled to get the service with. We assure you that we keep the fees to minimal as much as possible, it’s to justify the time and opportunity we lost.

Corrections and Refunds
While we are confident in our ability to deliver the highest quality service, we recognize that colorist can miss something, however seldom. We allow grace period of 72 hours to bring it to our attention so that we can schedule an appointment for you to come back and have the service completed to your satisfaction. Please note, this is to correct any mistakes service provider had made or missed something during the service. Services such touch-up on new hair growth, change of color, removing highlights, darkening the highlights, applying toner, etc. are considered separate service and are excluded from complimentary correction procedure. Our refund policy requires that we thoroughly consider all options to correct your service if brought up during your visit and we are not able to mend it.

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