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About Kaya…


Kaya Salon Spa is a unique beauty venue that is set out to change how beauty services like skin care, waxing and hair care services are provided by setting high standards for quality experience. We like to educate guests on benefits of our services as well as how to maintain healthy skin and hair.


We do not claim that our services and products will make you beautiful, simply because we don’t believe a service or a product can make you beautiful. Rather, we believe beauty is inherent part of you so we give that credit to you, and what makes you “you”. We only help you stay beautiful.


Our wax is especially best suited for services on sensitive areas of body, because it helps make the experience a lot less painful while leaving skin clean and smooth. Our guests highly recommend us for: bikini waxing, Brazilian waxing, eyebrows, lips, chin.


Our hair care (shampoo, color, styling) services are delivered with utmost care and professionalism catering to your individual needs. All products we use are parabens free and 99% naturally derived.




We strongly believe that a strong business model includes social and moral responsibility, and what helps individual ultimately helps the society and vice-versa. We have opened up our space to innovative artists to give them a chance to exhibit their work and also to public to enjoy art without any obligation to purchase service or product. We hope innovative artwork inspires new generation of artists and innovators that leave their mark on the world. And if you fall in love with a piece, don’t worry you have a chance to purchase also.


We have committed to donating our share of proceeds from sale of art to charitable causes that focus on various issues in our modern society. Our current charitable focus is on Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


    Shannon   06/29/2016
    Anne   06/29/2016
I really love Kaya Salon and Pooja is the best. I can't imagine going to any other salon without her there!
    Sherry   06/28/2016
Good experience. The only weird thing that happened was Ruby wanted to stand there while I wiped myself down with that wipe you supply before the waxing. I'm sure it didn't seem like a big deal to her, but few people are comfortable touching themselves in front of a stranger!
    Lydia   06/27/2016
He was helpful in terms of renewing my formula. The guy who did my shampoo, gloss and blow dry was super friendly and a doll!
    Lois   06/27/2016
    Isabelle   06/27/2016
    Amanda   06/23/2016
This is the only location that I will go get my eye brows down in the city! Pooja is great and i feel like a new person every time i walk out of the salon :)
    Liz   06/23/2016
I love the hair cut and am very happy with the results. Both stylists were very friendly.
    Lori   06/21/2016
simple, pleasant and done without a rush but on time. I appreciated that. Clean and comfortable setting , too.
    Sonia   06/21/2016
Yexael was so awesome and efficient. He did such a nice job on my hair and really took into consideration the feedback I gave during the consultation. The products were also great and super light. I usually don't spend a ton on my hair but will consider coming back because I had such a great experience.
    Marjorie   06/21/2016
I really appreciated Yexael's honesty with my choice of hair color and his patience in getting it just right. He was also very educational in teaching me how to take care of my hair and keep it looking well without having to re-do the highlights entirely.
    Doug   06/18/2016
Pooja was great!
    Kristina   06/17/2016
Very professional. Excellent job.
    Lauren   06/17/2016
Cesarina was amazing! She didn't take off too much like I had asked and she gave me one of the best blow outs I've ever gotten (and that's a lot). When I had first walked in no one knew what my appointment was for but after that was sorted out everything was great!
    Alison   06/16/2016
He is the BEST
    Marjory   06/14/2016
Friendly, very pleasant and professional staff.
    Richelle   06/14/2016
    Savannah   06/14/2016
He was great. He gave me great highlights, and took a lot of care into making my hair look great.
    Sophia   06/13/2016
Pooja was great, got a brazillian today would definetly come back.
    Emily   06/08/2016
Ruby was excellent - one of the best I have had. Did a thorough job
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